Thrust 25 Motor with RotorKool Technology

Thrust 25 Motor with RotorKool Technology


Specifically designed for the new Addiction V2!

This motor requires 5mm propeller adapter – item AC-2123

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The development of our PA Thrust® motors has followed our traditional design philosophy employed in our aircraft; which is doing things better. Thrust® motors are one of the coolest running high performance, high-torque and high efficiency brushless motors ever produced to date. The design incorporates our RotorKool® technology which keeps the stator core material, the low resistance windings, highly permeable stator plates, high quality NMB Japanese triple bearings and powerful neodymium magnets at optimum operating temperatures.



* Incorporates our RotorKool® technology

* Aluminum precision CNC machined state of the art integrated rotor fan and rear end bell

* High Velocity Force Cool Ventilation (HVFCV)

* Triple oversize, high quality NMB Japanese bearings

* High temperature and powerful neodymium magnets

* Computer balanced rotor to eliminate vibrations

* Extreme thrust with high efficiency

* Hardened stainless steel motor shaft

* Smallest air gap between the stator and curved neodymium magnets – significantly boosting torque and thrust

* CNC machined anodized motor can with Micro ridges – increases surface area and serve as radiators
to further boost thermal dissipation

* Highest quality materials and components used in the manufacture

* PA lightweight aluminum CNC machined propeller adaptor (made in Germany)

* HD insulated copper cables with pre-soldered gold bullet connectors

* Exceptionally low resistance windings for efficient cool operation



 Outside Diameter  37.2mm/1.46”
 Length  34mm/1.34”
 Weight (gr/oz)  95gr/3.35oz
 Mounting Bolts Dia.  M3
 Battery  2-3s LiPo
 Poles  14
 KV (rpm/V)  970kv
 Recommended ESC  Quantum 30 Pro


iPAs Static Bench Test

iPAs Gear: Thrust 25, Quantum 30 Pro (HV), PA V4 2200mAh 11.1V 25-50C (3 cells)

Prop Type

Battery Voltage (V) Current  (A) Watts  (W) RPM Static Thrust (oz) Static Thrust (gr) Static Thrust (lb)

VOX 11×5

11.86 27.2 323 9870 64.48 1,828


VOX 12×4

11.72 29.8 350 9540 85.28 2,417


VOX 12×5

11.70 33.8 395 9150 78.56 2,227


VOX 13×4 11.56 34.4 398 8880 101.92 2,889


During 3D flights, instant thrust at full power for a few seconds is required to get out of a maneuver. We based our static bench tests on this fact and took each reading after a few seconds at full power. We made multiple runs with each propeller to establish our final readings. Please note that every bench test reading will vary depending on your testing equipment, ESC set up, ambient temperature, altitude, duration of run, batteries condition and more.


 Outside Diameter  37.2mm/1.46”
 Length  34mm/1.34”
 Weight (gr/oz)  95gr/3.35oz
 Mounting Bolts Dia.  M3
 Battery  2-3s LiPo
 Poles  14
 KV (rpm/V)  970kv
 Recommended ESC  Quantum 30 Pro

About Thrust Motors

Thrust® motors development

For a number of years, modelers have accepted the notion that in order to attain top notch performance, one has to run outrunner motors to the extreme limit with the risk of overheating. In fact, heat has become inevitable part of contemporary high performance brushless motors and nothing much could be done about it. However heat is one of the main contributors to premature magnet deterioration and bearing failures leading to permanent performance degradation over time or even dangerous and catastrophic destruction due to thrown magnets. In order to avoid unwanted heat damaging the motor, some modelers have resorted to over sizing their motors. This in turn increases the all up weight and thereby affecting wing loading and flight performance. There seems to be a no win situation and the only way to enjoy this wonderful hobby is to accept this seemingly hopeless compromise.

Motor power has always been quoted in Watts, but heat is Watts too. So, the real question is: Are all the quoted Watts being used to drive the motor, or is there a significant amount of Watts wasted in heat?  To answer that just touch your motor immediately after flight and if it is hot enough to burn your finger, THAT is where the Watts went as opposed to driving your airplane, therefore, quoted watts are essentially meaningless when evaluating a motor (because it does not indicate the efficiency). The propeller’s RPM is the most important performance factor. We at PA understood that without effectively eliminating heat, all the good motor attributes already available in our motors and as well as others, contributes very little to the motor’s overall performance in service because heat building up under load means loss of efficiency and eventually leads to detrimental effects in the electro-magnetic properties of the motor. These effects cause significant deterioration of power, thrust and eventually flight duration.

We set a target to make a high performance, extreme thrust motor, which is light, runs cool and efficient for maximum flight time, is made of highest-grade materials and features precision engineering and machining. This led to rethinking the design of current brushless outrunners, their strengths and limitations and thus led to the development of a completely new line of PA Thrust® motors.


About the design

Some of the common brushless outrunner manufacturers have gone as far as incorporating high temperature magnets and exotic adhesives to circumvent the effects of the heat problem. There are myriad of crude and inefficient cooling techniques ranging from a multitude of holes, to fins, to bolt-on fans and impellers.

Unlike those, the PA Thrust® cooling design took a complete departure in the current thinking by engineering a High Velocity Force Cool Ventilation (HVFCV) into the rotor as well as taking full advantage of thermodynamic properties of the stock material itself. HVFCV is achieved through a set of solid metal turbine impeller blades painstakingly CNC milled as an integral part of the rotor assembly, which not only provides the positive force cool ventilation by drawing fresh cool air through the stator and magnets, but also doubles up as a heat pump to first draw excess heat from the rotor assembly itself and then act as a heat exchanger by expelling it through the air stream contacting the solid metal turbine blades as it spins at high velocity.

Micro ridges, intentionally CNC cut into the rotor, further multiplies the end bell’s surface area and serve as radiators to further boost thermal dissipation achieving unparalleled cooling and henceforth having the ability to swing larger propellers than other conventional outrunner motors of similar class while remaining considerably cooler and more efficient. There is more to the “Cool” look of the CNC exterior casing than meets the eye, and looks can be deceiving. Under the hood, is where serious engineering comes into play.

With only the highest quality materials and components used in the manufacture, the PA Thrust® motors are manufactured with the tightest tolerance making it possible to maintain the smallest air gap between the stator and curved neodymium magnets, significantly boosting torque and thrust. The relatively silent and vibration-free operation of the motor is a testament to the tight tolerance manufacturing regime we have adopted specifically to harness the maximum power produced by the motor (within the limits of today’s technology) for the sole purpose of swinging the prop. This allows the motor to swing propellers of at least one size larger than any contemporary motor in its class while running cool and maintaining maximum efficiency.

Data Sheets

iPAs Static Bench Test

iPAs Gear: Thrust 25, Quantum 30 Pro (HV), PA V4 2200mAh 11.1V 25-50C (3 cells)

Prop Type

Battery Voltage (V) Current  (A) Watts  (W) RPM Static Thrust (oz) Static Thrust (gr) Static Thrust (lb)

VOX 11×5

11.86 27.2 323 9870 64.48 1,828


VOX 12×4

11.72 29.8 350 9540 85.28 2,417


VOX 12×5

11.70 33.8 395 9150 78.56 2,227


VOX 13×4 11.56 34.4 398 8880 101.92 2,889


During 3D flights, instant thrust at full power for a few seconds is required to get out of a maneuver. We based our static bench tests on this fact and took each reading after a few seconds at full power. We made multiple runs with each propeller to establish our final readings. Please note that every bench test reading will vary depending on your testing equipment, ESC set up, ambient temperature, altitude, duration of run, batteries condition and more.



Alex Fredrickson
The thrust 25 really makes the addiction v2 turn into a hot rod. It gives a lot more power than the thrust 20. The high efficiency blew me away with a very long flight duration on a 2200mah 3s!

The power it gives makes the addiction v2 jump like a scared rabbit when you give it power


Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway
PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i’m very satisfied with their performance!)


kohersh @ RCGroups
I’ve gone through approximately 2 dozen VOX props (3 different sizes) over the years on various PA planes. I’ll buy 6 at a time, and my preference is to check them on the balance rig as soon as I get them before sliding them into the neat prop quiver that PA sells.Yes, the VOX are closer to perfect then the other brands I’ve tried that you’ve mentioned here, though all were better than the injection molded ones I used to fly. Of the total I think I’ve had to fine tune 1 blade and 5 or 6 hubs and its very very light sanding to get them perfect. Its a nice time saver not to have to fuss over tuning each one, and its extends the life and run time of your gear.

For hard 3D, the wood wont flex like the injection molded props and even though they are more to replace they are still more affordable than the CF props I run on my gassers


Matt Kelly
 I love my PA Addiction- it makes me look like a pro! It has raised the level of my flying exponentially. There is nothing this aircraft can’t do! Light yet durable thanks to the Fiberfusion construction. My Addiction is on its sixth season! The IPAS system is the perfect match to a perfect aircraft. Thanks PA for the best airplane ever!


Ken Bird
 Every thing that I have bought from PA has been of the best quality , Battery’s , Motors, speed controllers & the air craft ! It makes the complete package.


Hercdriver7777 @ RCGROUPS
I highly recommend the PA setup for this plane! I recently switched out my Torque setup for the PA setup and was pleasantly surprised. I think the integral fan on the Thrust motors makes a big difference, especially if you like to fly a lot of batteries back to back like I do. All my PA planes will have the Thrust motors from now on.


Len Clements
I’m running PA Quantum 40A ESC with the Thrust 30 & PA 2200MAH lipos on APC 12x6E prop. Static (on the ground) current draw @ WOT is about 31.5 amps.
Awesome power and everything is very cool even after several flights with no cool down time in between.
scootergeo @ RCGroups
I tried the PA batteries in on of my other planes (a parkzone F4U Corsair foamy), and I was surprised by the power… A completely different plane with those packs. Those 2200 mAh packs rock! I normally fly with the E-Flight 2200 packs which pale in compared to the PA packs of equal $$.


Tim Semeraro @ RCGroups
I also Like the cooling system, for the motor. Not only is The thrust 40 with its built in cooling fan a great motor , but the working Air ducts are very well thought out.
There not joking when they say, “4cell power, on 3cells!”
Mecha @ RCGroups
I really liked the quality of the Thrust 40 Motor. They are also very competitive in price with the other brand names like Scorpion and GoBrushless.

I since had sold it and went to a cheaper Turnegy brand. You get what you paid for. the Turnegy magnets came loose and had to be glued back. What a hassle. It works fine now but man it sure ruins your day.

I look forward to wining the Thrust 50 and finally get back to a quality product.


kneekolaas @ RCGroups
I have a thrust 10, 20 and 30 with their ESC’s would love to add the 50 to them…

all i can say is quality…!!!!!! I have been using them in my big depron planes.


lwkoss @ RCGroups
The Thrust 30 is perfect, never overheats and has worked flawless.


Ekir @ RCGroups
I have been flying the same Red Addiction for over a year. What a great model!

The thing that I like about the Addiction is the quality and realibility. I purchased the ESC and Motor from PA and it worked as designed. This lets me put 100% concentration on flying the Addiction.


alaeddine6791 @ RCGroups
I bought the Thrust 10 motor plus Quantum 18A esc plus PA 1000 mah LiPo 11.1V

Great: cool and powerful

Thank you


Tony Finn @ RCGroups
After being dissatisfied with some of the brushless outruners on the market I tried a thrust 30 in my glider and was so impressed with its performance that I now have 4 PA thrust motors and esc’s in different planes. I am looking forward to eventually owning a Katana MD and learning 3D. Great product and great service.



sylifis @ RCGroups
I think the Thrust 40 is one of the quietest and coolest motors that I have gotten…and I have over 30 other motors.


The Thrust motors are awesome. I have them in all my PA planes and they are beautiful, smooth, quiet motors.


Paul, United Kingdom
I’ve tried 5 different motors on my Electric Shock (Scorpion 2215-18, Hacker A20-20L, Axi etc..)
The new Thrust 10 that’s on it now is a dream, powerful yet just few grams lighter than the rest. Even beats a Hacker A20-20l which has always been thought of as a top motor in this weight range & I’ve tried one of those on it too.The Thrust 10 wins basically because it’s just that little bit lighter & pulls really well for its size; it has a heck of a lot of grunt for such a little motor. It is quieter too & it also seems to sip electrons as my flight times have gone up with it on.Paul , United Kingdom
Colin Bullock, Australia
I really love the PA Thrust motors. So much so that I bought the full set! Thrust 10 in an Electric Shock, Thrust 20 in an Addiction, and a Thrust 30 in a Katana MD. Not only are they super quiet and powerful, but they are a perfect match for the PA planes! The RotorKool fins really do work to keep the motor as cool on the 5th flight as it was on the 1st! Simply amazing PA, well done!

Colin Bullock, Australia


Kyle Dossick, USA
Thrust motors are smooth, powerful and run extremely cool. All of my Precision Aerobatics planes are powered by them. I wanted the exact
performance out of my personal planes as I saw demonstrated in the demo videos. It was a no brainer! Whatever you are flying Thrust motors in any size will deliver the power and performance for any type of 3D manuver!Kyle Dossick, USA
Clarence Boudville, Malaysia
I have tried many different brushless motors in the past few years and flying in the hot tropics, many previous
brushless motors had very short life spans and it was very frustrating (and expensive) to keep replacing them.I have been running my Thrust 30 for almost 7 months now (600+ flights to date) and it still runs as consistent as a new out of the box. So far my Thrust 30 has outlasted all my 6 Himaxx, 1 Hyperion, 2 Align, 1 RLC GS, 1 Axi BL Motors which have all prematurely died due to heat. Comparing the Thrust 30 to my Hacker A30-16M, the Thrust 30 runs far cooler ( half the operating temperature) and best of all it provides more thrust for the same current draw!Bang for the buck this is THE BEST motors I have ever owned. Two Thrust 20, a second Thrust 30 and a Thrust 10 have just recently joined the stable and they perform just as well as the original Thrust 30 I acquired.Clarence Boudville, Malaysia
Daniel Dominguez, Panama
I have been flying Thrust Motors and Quantum Speed Controllers, now for a few years, and let me tell you that, this motors are the only electric motors that have lasted me so long, without burning a single one!, Before i used to fly Hacker and Himaxx and they would last me a max of 6 months. As comparison, i have a Thrust 30 with more than a 1000 flights that is four years old and is still going strong! a Thrust 40 that is 3 years old and well over 900 flights and still runs like new!! This gives me the confidence to fly 3D aerobatics very low, because i know that when i need the power, the motor and speed controller will deliver it!


bighead93 @ RCGroups
Got a bunch of flights on my AMR today…got the lipos locked in and now I had the time to really get crazy with her! WOW…I almost need to turn the throws down…flat spins are CRAZY!! Tumbles are wild…knife edge loops are easy! This thing just ROCKS! The power seems pretty close to a 4S set-up…I am a happy flyer!


bonner @ RCGroups
The thrust 40 motor is smooth, quiet and powerful.


FlopGun @ RCGroups
The power is just evil, its pure evil guys. The most power I’ve had on any model. The vertical is unlimited, instantaneous and constant. ANd the power is great for KE spins!  I’m psyched to fly more, I got all the lipos on the chargers, the MX really opens up a big and fast flight envelope to explore.

Of course with the extra stability of the larger size and the super low wing loading the slow rollers are out of this world. I can imagine the RC Oasis III video featuring BT slow rolling to Champagne Supernova…………………

I love the MX! This thing does slow and low 3d like a GS plane. And the vertical power is phenomenal.

Once you get the CG right and get a few flights in, this thing flies effortlessly.

It’s Crystal.


Oliver Decker, Malaysia
Man, this Extra MX has some serious power. On the climbs faster than most of the hotliners i have seen in the past. And on the other hand it is so light and can be flown really slow.

One thing is for sure: Shaun has set this the bar really really high with this plane. Great looking -3.5 lbs and yet strong- a huge wing – insane power. WOW!


Mr Rossi @ RCGroups
Picked up my green Extra MX on Saturday, maidened it on Sunday, Thrust 50, 60a ESC, 4x 5085MG’s, CF VG’s, spats, spinner and 2 VOX 15×7’s. I have never flown anything with that much power to weight, and finesse. what a ship!!! in time maybe i can do it justice lol


turboparker @ RCGroups
What do I like about my PA plane?

1) Excellence in engineering. Use of geometry to create strength where needed, in the directions needed, with the minimum amount of mass.

2) Excellent construction. Many experienced modelers would have a difficult time building an airframe as straight as this.

3) Adaptability. Can be configured for anything from aileron training or sport-flying, to pattern aerobatics or all-out 3D wildness.

4) Well-balanced IPAs. I can fly conservatively and get 15 minute flights; or I can spend 6-7 minutes defying gravity with a 2.5:1 thrust-to-weight ratio! Most of the time, I’m using ~1200 mAh or so at the 10-minute mark. After a 10-minute flight, the pack is just barely warm. There is so much available power, it is nearly ridiculous; yet the weight of the power package is so low. Like putting a .91 4-stroke where a .46 two-stroke should be – but without the the excess nose weight and overstress.

5) Surgically-precise controls and throttle. Never before have I owned a ship with precision like this! She responds to the most subtle inputs, yet remains so fluid in motion. Her throttle is like a digital caliper – precise, and perfectly repeatable.

6) She gives her pilot a sense of confidence that is difficult to find elsewhere. Not unlike the feeling of confidence one gets behind the wheel of a well-engineered automobile, such as a BMW or Lotus, for example.

7) All of the above inspires her pilot to try new things…to push her flight envelope….to push the pilot’s envelope – to become a better pilot.

8) Knowledgeable staff, willing to help. Very good support – both online, and over the phone.


VictorYow @ RCGroups
my katana md flies light on the wings yet the airframe is robust enough to handle high stress manoeuvres. the ipa combo complements the kit very well. the thrust motors .pdf files are extremely helpful b/c they contain info about which propeller is recommended but also which is best for “thrust freaks”. thrust motors are super quiet and the vox props are a great choice for the modeller. no more apc for me.

the planes are appealing to the eye and the idea of multiple colour choices is very important as well.

working on the addiction for close in flying. keep up the great work PA


Dingfix @ RCGroups
Just a quick update on what an amazing package this plane and ipas package(the PA reccomended parts) are

Been flying my add for over 6 months now and it just seems to get more fun each time i fly it –

with the supplied PA 1800 mounted so that the back of the battery is around 5cm BEHIND the carbon tray this COG just makes the airframe come alive. It just seems to “sit” into its balance in the air- becoming ridiculously efficient (i fly 14 mins on an 1800 pack ) with a mix of hovering, Learning to rolling harrier, KE passes alternating 1 side to the other and then onto low rates for directional projecting pattern work – after 14 mins she’s only used around 1200 – 1300 mah – UNBELIEVABLE efficiency from the synergy of Airframe, Thrust motor, pa batt and esc.

It simply blows me away how much guess work (read time wasting) i used to go through on other planes that would run hot or be under or overpowered (and heavy) and only run 10 minutes. PA have nailed the 3 dimensional analysis of time, energy and efificency on this pack.

I have tried different props too – only to find that PA nailed it with the reccomended prop – the 1 x 5.5 – the slow flyer propd are ok but chew more energy and definitely only really allow slow hovering type moves – the 11x 5.5 just needs a little more throttle to hover – but pulls out with more acceleration and has alot more feel (the slow flyer props are a little sloppy)- the 11 x 5.5 just a crisper prop for all the components behind it.

I fly around 10 packs a week through this plane – each one brings a smile to my face!
And at my local park – the audience loves this plane!

PA are so far ahead of the game that Unfortunately now i look at alot of models on hobby shop shelves or online – and most of them just look like junk now.


bsbauman @ RCGroups
I have the Thrust 40. I have sold many airframes, but I will not sell this motor. I have had mine for probably around 4 years and the performance has made it one of my favorite motors.


J Charles @ RCGroups
The thrust 30 is by no means overworked for the PA 260. It is a perfect match and it’s performance is exceptional. I fly mine hard with lot’s of full throttle up runs followed by longer full throttle KE spins on the down runs and it never comes down hot.


Bleary @ RCGroups
I have the 20,a couple of 30’s and the 50,and they are great.Excellent power to weight and they come down cool.
They can definately be run hard as per the recomended props and are durable as heck.I also fly in very hot conditions.
HTH, Byron
PA planes give excellent if not leading edge thrust to weight ratios on less watts (using 3S 2200 mAh packs) with flight times exceeding the competition’s models by several minutes.

Case in point: 48″ 3DHS Edge 540 with a quality 3S 2200 pack gives me 5 minutes of 3D flight time.

48″ PA Extra 260, the same pack gives me 7 minutes 3D flight time.

58″ PA Extra-MX, a pair of 3S 2200 packs (wired for 6S) gives me 7 minutes of white knuckle hardcore 3D flight time.

I prefer my PA planes not only for the extra flight time per given 2200 mAh pack, but PA planes are just tougher, stronger and can hold up to the kind of 3D abuse I put them through.

HTH, Byron


wa4geg @ RCGroups
The Extra 260 makes an excellent sport flier when set up for conservative control surface throws (recommended sport throws are given in the manual). The plane is built very light, has excellent power to weight ratio, and when powered by PA’s Thrust 30 w/ VOX 13×5 prop, it can be sport flown around at 1/2 to 2/3 throttle making for long flight times that will easily meet if not exceed 10 minutes duration.


Xtraquick @ RCgroups
The Thrust 40 with the recommended Vox 14×7 has plenty of power on 3S, great match for the Bandit.


Rick Garbinski Las Vegas, Nevada USA
ALL three of my (Your) kits were purchased using YOUR suggested Complete Power Pkgs as indicated. (With daily Desert Temps here running 110°/F — UR hardware, Motor – ESC and the unique cooling system devised had ME flying when others were cooling their heels — in the shade — this is no joke!! … U can see now why I like your kits — incredibly designed with ME in mind, THANX! …Again, thanx for your time, expertise and support — 5-Star!! Take care ——


Rick Garbinski Las Vegas, Nevada USA


I have not found a motor in its class I like more than the T40 motor; as far as issues, mine is now near 4 years old and runs like new…


I’m flying mine with the iPAs. I’m running the Vox 13 x 6.5.

The thrust 30 & Q 45 are a good match. The thrust-to-weight is phenomenal. The throttle is surgically precise. Throttle-response is brutally abrupt – as if the throttle stick was directly connected to the motor.

I’m on my third season with the plane, and it has performed flawlessly so far.



J. Charles
+1 on the thrust 30- q45 set up. Flawless combo. 100’s of flights on mine with zero complaints.
I’ve got some of those cheap low end motors too, but for the Extra 260 I went with PA’s Thrust 30 and Quantum 45 ESC. Both are very high quality components, and you won’t go wrong there. I.e. after a 7 minute flight the Thrust 30 comes down cool to the touch.
I would recommend vox props. I use them on my extra mx, and get a THIRD more flying time out of my batts over the same apc prop.


turboparker @ RCGroups
Over 4 years, so many flights that I lost count, and my T30 still performs exactly as it did back when it was new. The bearings are every bit as precise & smooth as they were when I first took it out of the box & spun it over in my hand. And the Vox props are not only amongst the most efficient props I’ve ever used in these sizes, they are also works of art! Quality counts!


Mugen4Lfe @ RCGroups
The Thrust 30 was a perfect match for my 260… It was well worth the money. Balancing it with 2200mah packs was spot on.



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